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Hi there. We're Vic & Chris!

In late-2010, we stopped eating meat. In the spring of 2016, we ditched dairy and eggs for good after a visit to Los Angeles. With some help, we made the connection that the reasons we went vegetarian, were the same reasons to go vegan.

We created Eh Vegan with the hope that if we shared photos of our meals, we’d find a community for support and accountability (so important!). Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened. We made friends and people started to take an interest in the food photos we were posting. Soon, the recipe requests started coming and our first blog post went up a few months later.

The Future is Vegan

Knowing that our recipes inspire others to keep animals off their plates is awesome. Animals are, after all, the reason we’re vegan. Now, feeling like we have at least a functional understanding of the whole food aspect, we’re ready to explore the lifestyle side of veganism, which is the direction of the blog for 2018.

We love food, but we also love traveling, entertainment, the outdoors, animals… All the same things anyone loves, but we’re mindful and conscious of the choices we make and the impact they have on others. Eh Vegan is how we get to show the world what it is about this lifestyle that’s so fulfilling.

I work as a store manager at lululemon. It’s an environment where goal setting is alive and encouraged. I had it written in one of my 5 year goals to have published a cookbook. You’ve got to start somewhere right? We had just come back from a trip to LA, and were sitting by the ocean in Vancouver when we decided to start up Eh Vegan. A place where we can share what we’re up to and inspire others along the way!  What I love most about this project is that it brings together so many things that I’m passionate about—food, travel, fun & photography. When we’re not busy cooking and making a serious mess of our kitchen, I like to spend my time doing yoga, stand up paddle board, or exploring with our husky, Blizzard.
I consider myself lucky, to have discovered something that I’m so passionate about. To wake up every day knowing that part of me is this uncompromising badass. It’s not an easy feeling to put into words, this ‘certainty’, but that’s what it is — knowing that veganism is this part of my life that will always be there. There’s nothing extreme or restrictive or sacrificial about it. It’s just the belief that a single person can make a difference. It gives me purpose and fulfillment. It’s something that nobody can take away from me.  At its core, veganism is empowering.

Let's do something different.

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